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Hey guys!!

Nancy, hang in there and try to get some rest! I know you are running ragged!

Jibbelle, I am so proud of you!! You are gonna come back thinner for sure!! I am also glad you made it to Augusta safely!

Diane, I did Take Off for just 2 days when I first started and then I switched counselors and she told me yesterday to do it for at least 3 days maybe 4. Well today I had it! I nearly passed out and work. I guess I just wasn't getting enough calories. A girl at work bought me a Wendy's Frosty b/c she thought it would give me quick calories and make me feel better. It did help me, but obviously not on plan. It really scared me though. I had 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast and then a hamburger patty and a little bit of green beans for lunch and then about 2:00 I about hit the floor! Anyway....I am going to get on the Gold Plan tomorrow and just do it the way I did it when I first started!

Merri, Trust me it gets a lot better from here on! I was never hungry before and lost about 5 pounds in the first week! Good luck and just get through the first 2 days and you will do great!

Sasse, I am glad to see you back!! I hate you are working so much! Hey 196 is pretty darn good! Keep up the good work!

I am going to weigh in tomorrow..hopefully I will be down! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Talk to ya soon!
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