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Hi everyone:
Jibbelle I am glad you made it safely. It sounds like you have a plan to stick to while you are away good job. I find it hard even when I am out for the day,
Meri I am doing two days of take off also. I like to add it in every once in a while sometimes for me I feel like I am not losing fast enough so I like that little boost once or twice a month. I did not do it when I first joined I did the 3 day one.
I think when you buy the bars in bulk I think they charge about $9.98 a box. I put it on my charge card. At first I really didn't want to buy them all at once but now I am glad I did. I think it saved me about $300.00. The plan is much better after the take off, you are allowed fruit, veg, some starches and other proteins all with your bar/shakes.
Sassemon go to the center get it over with, don't you hated when you go up and down. It drives me nuts.
Marcie I don't know if I would want to do the 3 day for 4-days my center does not offer the 3-day phase and more they offer the take off drink for two days. Are you going to weigh in before the 4 days are up? Glad to have you back OP.
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