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Default Re: I walk and need motivation to keep me going

Originally posted by skinnyminnie
Hi........I started walking in Feb. of this year. Have lost 25 pounds.....but.......for the past 2 months I have not walked any. A lot of stressful things has happened to me in the past 2 months and I have lost my desire. I am not focused now and I can't seem to get it back. I need help and motivation to get me back on track. Anyone got any advise.

Skinnyminnie... My motivation and advice to you is, walking isn't the only exercise we can do... I to get tired of walking,(depressed) so I switch... Any fitness expert and WW leaders will suggest we all change, so that we don't become bored or dis-satisfied with our routines of exercise... I will walk some months out of the year, then do in home exercises... It's about keeping it real and fun... Exercise can be fun... No, I am not one of those people who loves to exercise, but I have found tapes that help me continue... Try Leslie Sansones indoor walking tapes, there are tons of them... I have the 20 min tae bo, Susan Pewter, you name it... It's ok to change, infact it's best and good that we do... Yes, the motivation can be you have already lost some weight, but you don't want to lose out to weight gain...

Again, it's good to change up once in a while... That is from the experts as well... Keep on pushing for your goal.. .

Don't forget... Change is Good...

After every hardship, comes ease.
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