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Originally Posted by readyfreddy
thanks! yeah i got the proportion idea (ie that it should add to 100) i just didn't know if its supposed to be based on the # of grams or the calories from each...

ie if im eating
2 f 3 c 4 p then am i figuring out the ration of 2:3:4 or am i figuring out 18:12:16 (If im remembering right and f has 9 cals per gram, c have 4 and p has 4?) i know the fitday graph shows me the percentages based on cals from each, not based on # of grams.

am i making any sense? im not a math person.
The proportions are the percentage of your total calories for each macronutrient, rather than the number of grams of each. 25P/50C/25F would be 25% of total calories coming from protein, 50% of total calories coming from carbs, and 25% of total calories coming from fat.

In your above example, your ratios would be 35P/26C/39F
The total calories from 4g protein, 3g carbs, and 2g fat is 46 calories.
35% of those come from protein (16 cals), 26% come from carbs (12 cals), and 39% come from fat (18 cals).

Hope that helps.
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