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Hibiscus and Lala, I can relate. I suffer badly from depression, and when I'm down I crave carbs/sugar. I'll curl up in my bed with a book and eat four bowls of cereal or 12 slices of toast or a big bag of chips plus a bag of Bridge Mixture.
For some strange reason, I DON'T eat when I'm angry. I feel very "in control", and I clean my house like a crazy person.

Therapy has helped somewhat, but the ready availability of food as a coping mechanism makes binging a hard habit to break.
I am a runner!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to take all the evil people and put them over there, then we wouldn't have to deal with them. And all of us good people would stay right here. The problem is that the line separating good and evil cuts right through the human heart." Alexander Solzenitzen
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