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Originally Posted by andreaphilip3
thats so weird bc im stuck in a binge cycle and ive tried eating little, ive tried eating none neither helps. well here went my day.... 1 thomas bagel , 2 mrs fields cookies, pbj sandwich, 2 cupcakes 4 sl pizza blotted, 1 pkg reeses and a big bowl of edys icecream prob bout 2 cups.

im sorry if im not supposed to post stuff like that here... honestly lately i feel like thats all i hear round here dont post this dont post that(not by mods btw)

anyway, im sorry for anyone stuck in the same cycle as me.....
I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't find any kind of compromise. Total and semi-restriction don't work. You know how everyone says "don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods when you are on a diet; consume them in moderation?" Well, moderation doesn't exist for binge eaters. Moderation doesn't satisfy us. And of course deprivation doesn't work. So what do we do when moderation AND deprivation don't work for us? What's left?

I think ellis will be okay with this thread, I did warn everybody that we'd be confessing our binges. ellis said we could start another thread. I think my warning is clear.

Your binges sound a lot like mine: mostly sweets. The only reason I really eat anything else with them because I usually say: "Well I'm ruining today anyway, I might as well have a good meal along with my deserts . . . "

I wrote out my food plan tomorrow and I should be on target. I'm always good with my diet for 5 days (as you can see my diet has been successful), and then I slip into a binge episode. Sometimes the episode is one big meal and then it's over. But sometimes, it turns into a 3 or 4 day binge fest (like right now). If I wasn't dealing with this problem, I'd probably already be at my goal weight. I always say, I've lost over 100 pounds, but I've also had to lose probably 40-50 lbs TWICE.

It's an awful cycle, and I also empathize with anyone also struggling.

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