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Exclamation FDA Whole Grains Definition!

So, the FDA has finally released a definition of "whole grains." Here it is:

Under the draft guidelines issued yesterday by the Food and Drug Administration, whole-grain foods should contain the three key ingredients of cereal grains -- bran (the fiber-filled outer part of the kernel), endosperm (the inner part and usually all that is left in most processed grains) and the germ (the heart of the grain kernel.) Plus, these three ingredients need to be present in the same relative proportion as they exist naturally -- a way to be sure that manufacturers do not add back small amounts of each ingredient to highly processed food and then call it whole grain.*
*I got the quote above from an article in the Washington Post. You can read the entire article here:

I'm thankful that they phrased it so that processed food can't claim they are whole grain. I'm also noticing a big change at the grocery store...they almost ran away in terror when I asked if their sub shop's wheat bread was the same as the whole wheat rolls they sell in the bakery. The woman kept saying, "I'm not saying that it's a whole grain..." Corporate must have put the fear of God into them...
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