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I can do this!
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cfoxn, what you did is PERFECT and you shouldn't feel guilty at all! I know it sounds crazy, but if you fried it in a little oil in a pan, you could have that once a week without any problem, I would think! If you deep fry it, I'd try to make it just a special treat. But even a couple tbsp of canola oil isn't that bad at all. In fact, they say Canola is even better for you than Olive!

Could you post a recipe for us in the forum? That'd be awesome!

Now if someone could just come up with a recipe for country gravy, SBD style... (what you southerners call 'milk gravy') I'd be in heaven!

BTW, White WW flour is the same as WW pastry flour. Both use a different kind of wheat that is a bit softer than the regular the flour is softer, too.
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