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Default Good Morning all!!

Sorry I have been MIA for so long, but it was necessary. First let me say that BIL is OFF the heart pump & the respirator . We are so happy that he has come so far. He is still CRITICAL, but alive & gaining.

Next I'd like to welcome ALL you NEWBIES . I SCANNED THE LAST BOARD VERY BRIEFLY & SAW LOTS OF NEW NAMES. tHIS IS WONDERFUL! Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Now, about reaching goal. I did manage to stay at my goal weight several days, but yesterday was a diaster. I ate verything in site. Friday night we did Chinese food, then yesterday at work someone brought in chocholate cookies, fig tarts, & fudge brownies & my will power went out the door! By the time I got home I truely could have kicked myself if I could have reached. But too late for that I guess.

Today is a new day & I started it out right by walking. It has been so beautiful here in SW LA that I have been yearning to be out there walking again, but just have not been able to get to it till today. It really felt good, but let me tell you that I am really OUT OF SHAPE. My heart was racing so fast that I could not get an acturate count, but it was over 160 . Even 5 minutes after cool down it was still 135 It's my own fault for not keeping up with the exercise during the summer months. I can only start back from today.

I was almost back home from my walk when a neighbor pulled up along side of my & said, "You're just going to waste away if you don't stop losing!" I it!! I told her no, that I'm right where I need to be but!!! I HAVE GIVEN IT ALOT OF THOUGHT & HAVE DECIDED TO LOWER MY GOAL WEIGHT TO 135.

Well ladies, it's not a personal hello to each of you, but I got to go. I'm working 3-11 today. I'm off tomorrow, so I'll try to read & post some replies then. Hope each of you have a blessed day & enjoy this wonderful sunshine!!

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