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magi - you're a doll and i'm so glad you've joined us. as for your menu, it seems reasonable to me, although i'd be real careful with the fat in the bacon. as i said, scrambled eggs just didn't work for me, but omelettes did [don't know why!], and so did poached.

as for the electrolytes, as long as you're getting your water [nag nag nag!!!!], and eating balanced, you'll be ok, i think. i found that, as time went on, i needed more water. it seemed as if i just used water differently. don't know if it was the exercise or the weight loss, but i didn't worry about it.

if your electrolytes start to unbalance, you'll feel something. generally fatigue, sometimes heart palpitations, but most of that can be easily taken care of by eating something sensible. and drinking water.

your new attitude - not worrying about it - sounds like a great idea! just continue to track your protein and water, and you'll be fine. there's really no difference between 38 and 40 grams of protein, by the way, especially if you're occasionally higher than your goals.

you're doing great, darlin... keep up the good work!!!!!
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