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Other huge consoles to recall: SEga, eventhough I thought while the graphics were better they only had one or two games that were worth playing, also it was more expensive for a long while. Remind u of anyone right now...Micro.what?

There was also TurboGrafx 16 or nec which was way too too too too expensive at the time. This thing was like over 400 just for thier portable at the time. That's insane!

I'm sure their were others that I don't really recall but heard of. Oh, like Dreamcast. I heard okay things but never played it.

While it seems mircosoft is getting smarter now, sony is doing what they did when they released ps2, their getting us things we like. Darn sony and their virus protections! Their like a friend who keeps taking u to cool parties but never says sorry for the stuff that happens in between those good parties.
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