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I'll call him Con Queso!!
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CJ- Holy SNOW! Where in Michigan are you? UP? I'm in Green Bay, we got about 4 inches and it has been so cold and slippery out there! I havn't been doing much driving.
Sheridan- Welcome! Nice to meet you! Don't feel bad about the obese thing, according to my doc, I'm obese too. I'm 5"2, but even when I was 191, I didn' look "obese".
I'm not on atkins. I like bread. There's no way I could do that!
Dibbie- Congrats on the loss! Yay!
We're waiting to here from the landlord of our new place so we can get moving. Hy wals and shelves are empty and bare here! I just want to MOVE!

Goal for February

One cheerleader for every 5lbs lost
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