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Oh yeah, one more thing....
why are you guys doing Adkins??? That DIET (and I stress the word DIET) is so bad for you. We should all be making lifestyle changes, not go for the quick fix. Adkins, for one, cannot be something you follow for the rest of your life. Your body needs proper nutrients, and you just don't get them from Adkins. I have noticed how you guys have "cheated" and ate carbs. You shouldn't have to feel bad for what your body is telling you that you need. You should have complex carbs, like whole grains (nothing white), fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. It is also very good to eat lean protein and fats (in the form of oils, like olive oil) too.

I once did Adkins and I will never do it again. My hair came out in clumps, I would get really dissy, and since I wasn't getting enough fiber I was constipated all the time. Just the constpation alone is enough to show someone how unhealthy it is (imagine all of that built up waste inside of your body contaminating your organs). When people first start on Adkins they think it is great because they lose a lot of weight at first, but that is just water weight (increasing your water intake decreases the amount of water your body retains). Also, I know what it says in the everyone has it wrong, and low/no carbs is the way to go, but have you guys heard how Dr. Adkins died???? He had severe heart problems, he was really overweight...etc. (I don't remember the whole story, but I will look it up some other time and let you guys know).

Hopefully everyone will start showing up.
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