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Morning gals! It is a pleasant 52 already this morning though we are going to have rain all day. I just dropped Fortune off at the groomers. He is pretty nasty smelling and needs his nails clipped. I am too chicken to do it. He will come home all clean, clipped and smelling good and that will last for a couple weeks probably.

Jean: I would have been miffed too. They used to do that when I belonged to church choir. It was one of the reasons I quit. They would have individual practices while you sat there and waited! Glad Bob is feeling on the mend. Kelly had to have allergy testing when she was in high school. Takes a little while to do, but it is all for the best. I would bet mold too! I think everyone has a mold allergy, just some adapt to it easier than others. I cough with mold. Better than hives even if it is uncomfortable. i took Jack to work this morning and got home to discovery Butterscotch had been at work in my yarn drawer again. The drawer was completely out and there were two skeins on the floor in front of the tv. Little stinker. He can open doors too. He either bumps them and if they don't latch tight like the spare room door, they come open or he puts his paw upside down under the door and pulls, which is what he does with the coat closet in the living room. He is a pretty smart cookie.

Oh goody, I am going to the commissary in an hour. I just can't wait. Not only do I get to deal with the nuts on the road, I get to deal with the crankys in the store! I have to make sure I am not one of the crankys!

I have started the front of my sweater and so far so good, but haven't gotten to the tricky part yet. I made it long so it will fit more like a tunic and cover my big behind and gut. I can't wait to get it finished and see if it looks ok. I had someone on a knitting forum help explain the hard part to me.

Well, better finish up here at the house and get some breakfast before I head out for the day.


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