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Default Ready to stop fad dieting!

I'm getting tired of my body being the way it is, and I'm dedicated to making some changes. Over the past 4 months, I've been fad dieting like crazy. In the beginning I lost a lot of weight, but of course, it never stayed off and I was always hungry.
Now I'd like to stop fad dieting, and focus on losing weight in an extended and healthy period of time as opposed to starving myself and seeing results quickly (because they never last anyway!)
I'm carrying an extra 13 pounds, and since I'm just over 5 feet, it really shows. I'd like to lose these pounds in the next 3 or so months if possible.
I've read that I should be eating between 1,300 and 1,800 calories a day. I do a lot of circuit training and pilates. I don't eat over 1,000 calories on most days, and I burn a lot of it off with my exersize.
Does anyone know how I can get on a diet that allows me to lose these extra 13 pounds and a slow and steady pace that uses a 1300-1800 calorie a day plan? I'm new to *healthy* dieting, so I'd like any advice or information.

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