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Weight Loss Thoughts

Fat cells are attracted to chocolate... that is why we crave chocolate. Put a chocolate bar under your pillow and sleep on your side. All of your fat cells will fall right out of your ear trying to get to the chocolate bar. If you can keep from then eating the chocolate bar in the morning all of your fat cells are gone!

FYI....During scientific testing there has yet to be found a person who does not eat the chocolate bar so this theory has not been proven.

Calories are afraid of heights. All food kept on top of the refrigerator for at least 24 hours is now calorie free. All of the calories have jumped out.

The kitchen sink drain has been calibrated to suck calories out of food. Therefore any food held over and then eaten over the kitchen sink has no calories. The calories have all been sucked down the drain.

Hmmm..... now why am I heavy? LOL
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