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Question Low-Carb/GI diet advice?

I started a low-carb/low GI diet yesterday and I was just wondering if there was a good book that lists the Glycemic Index of a variety of foods. For right now I am mostly counting carbs and keeping my sugar intake low.

Another thing is, I like the low carb foods, but I absolutely hate lettuce and tomatoes and things that are included in a salad. Every now and then I will eat a grilled chicken salad with light ranch dressing, but not often. I'm really tired of trying to make myself eat salads when I DON'T LIKE THE TASTE OF THEM and I never have! But all I see are meal plans that include salad, salad, and more salad! UGH!

Okay, well enough fussing! But I would really like to understand more about the Glycemic Index and low-carbing it.

Also, is it more important to count carbs or calories? I've not been able to stick to my usual low-cals of 1200, which was not working for me anyway.


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