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I was only recently diagnosed about a year ago. However, looking back I can say without a doubt that I had been suffering for many years. Some days/months were worse than others but it was hard all the same. It was so hard wondering what was wrong with me when I would do or say things so hurtful. I truly thought I felt that way, but really it's just a coping mechanism as that is how I was taught to deal with things. I've been going thru cognitive therapy and it has been immensely helpful to me. I've been given the tools to learn how to deal with my life and makes life much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

My mother is also BiPolar. She was diagnosed about 5 years ago. It explained a WHOLE LOT of my childhood. She had been acting that way forever, and it was so hard to figure out what the heck I'd done when she'd freak out over nothing. Not a fun way to grow up(read: my reason for therapy) but at least I know why she was the way she was. I only wish she'd have sought help sooner. There's such a stigma with mental illness still to this day so I'm sure she was hesitant to think there was something "wrong" way back when and go for help.

I'm so sorry for the things you've had to go thru. I can tell you're a strong lady though and will get thru this. Patience is hard, I know, but it will get better. Do you go to therapy yourself? Maybe it would be good for you to talk to someone who can help you, give you tools to cope with day to day things with him?

It sounds like you've really taken the bull by the horns and are dedicated to seeing his treatment be successful. It's alot for family to take on, especially when it's so newly diagnosed. I know that your dh is truly grateful for you working with him in this. It is so important for him to have that soft place to fall, however hard it may be fore you. I would really think it'd be great to go see someone yourself(if you aren't already, of course!) and get some reassurance and an outlet for yourself.

You make sure you take care of yourself as well, feel free to PM if you'd like to talk some more. Hopefully I've been some help to you here.
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