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Default Wave 1 - Spinach Pesto Salmon

I made this over the weekend and it was the bomb!!

Salmon filets
Fresh spinach - I like baby spinach best
Nuts -recipe called for pine nuts but I used walnuts
Pesto - I whirled some frozen fresh basil with a dollop of olive oil and some seasonings
Seasonings - garlic, onion, etc whatever you like
Sun dried tomatoes - oil packed or dried and reconstituted , chopped

Slice the salmon in half, filet it. You will essentially be making a salmon sandwich here so try and make both slices even thickness. In a food processor, spinach, nuts and pesto and any seasonings. This will make a very thick, coarsely chopped paste. Diced up the sun dried tomatoes and stir into the mixture. Place some of this mixture on the salmon filet halves, top with the remaining piece. I had leftover of this mixture so I put some on top too. Bake at 350 for ~20-25 minutes.. depending on how thick things are. This was very easy... the food processor did all the work, except for filleting the samon piece.
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