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Originally Posted by susanjw
Due to some personal and medical issues, I missed over a week of weighing in and I did not exactly stick to the plan. I dread going in tomorrow to weigh in. What happens if you don't weigh in for a week or if you gain weight? I've been on the plan for 3 weeks and have lost about 8 pounds so far. Thank you!
hope things are bteer soon, if something ever happens again, you cna call in and put the plan on hold to not miss anytime. Also you have to miss an entire week (Mon-Sat) to have actaully lost a week. Meaning if you go in on Monday you have already used that week. I found that out when I thought I was on hold and saved a week, but I went in on a Saturday (last day of the week) and they considered that me being in for the week, so my hold was over and even though I missed 4 WI's, I was there soem days the prior week and the current week.

as far as the gain, just get back on track and you will be fine. your average is pretty good, so you shouldn't have much to worry about.

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