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Smile Still a challenge...

I had the banding done 2 years ago, got pregnant 2 months later, and my son is now 6 months old. The surgery made my weight gain with my pregnancy very minimal, I actually lost weight after he was born. I can account 20 lbs lost to the surgery, the 2nd 20 lbs lost from having my son, and the last 5 lbs was all me. I started Jan 1st and have lost 5 lbs so far.

I really thought that I wouldn't be able to eat much at all, and I could drop weight very quickly. Before I had the surgery (years before) I thought it was an easy way out, and that it wasn't really an accomplishment to lose the weight if you had the surgery. That was VERY VERY wrong, it's still not I have found out post-op. I wouldn't change it though, the band helps me stop eating...though they should make something to re-wire your brain to change your eating habits instead-it would be so much easier. I will look at my plate and think I can keep eating even though my stomach is telling me no...there's no solution to that, just good old willpower!

Through better food choices (not dieting though), and exercising every day, the weight will come off little by little, hopefully.

Congrats on your success, what a dramatic weight loss, good for you.

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