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When I get that way... the undefined "munchies" where I'm wandering around the kitchen looking for anything that doesn't move, but I know I'm not hungry or upset... I eat a protein-heavy snack or meal. I know, I know, I preach this a lot. *grins* But it really works for me. Sometimes if I'm focusing on carbs and veggies and low fat for a few days, my body just seems to need a heavy dose of protein and fat and a big glass of water. So I drink a glass of milk, or cook up a chicken breast, or make salmon patties (from canned fish), or get out a bag of beef jerky for a snack, or make a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup (high on the comfort food meter for me) or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Anyway, often once I've eaten something like that, I find that craving goes away. Fat and protein really hit the satiety button. Even low-fat programs allow some fat, so it may be worth it to add a bit more than usual on days like this. Just be sure not to overdo all the time, and you should be fine.

(If I don't do this, I can eat bread or fruit or popcorn or baked chips with salsa or reduced fat Cheezits all I want and I'm STILL wandering around the kitchen looking for food.)

And drink a lot of water. I'll have a cup of hot herbal tea. It helped make my mouth happy and fills my stomach, and sometimes that's what's giving me those cravings.

Another thing that may not be true for others, but works for me, is that when I'm craving sweets... I eat pickles or green olives. For some strange reason, it CUTS the sweet craving almost instantly. Weird, huh?
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