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Was something upsetting you emotionally? Sometimes people eat more than they really want when something is "eating them"... Women I think often times stuff down painful emotions and hide from them by eating. Rather than facing a problem head on we tend to anesthetize ourselves.

On the other hand you may have been extra hungry because of the former days of dieting. The way to tell, is what were you eating? Was it comfort foods? OR would anything have worked as well?

Dealing with our emotions in more constructive ways is something that a lot of us need to learn. Sometimes it involves learning to be more assertive, rather than passive. Asking for what we need and want rather than hiding our pain. Binge eating is usually a sign that something isn't right otherwise in our lives. Or it could be due to blood sugar fluxuations. I've found myself eating and eating junk food at times when I really didn't want it, couldn't figure out why I was doing it. I think for me it has a lot to do with being a carbohydrate addict. The more of them I eat, the more I want. Whereas when I'm eating protein, I get full and don't want any more.
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