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Two weeks yesterday and down 6 lbs. The first 10 days really did curb my sweets cravings and I'm eating more consciously now. I got rid of all my treats, both salty and sweet and now enjoy almonds, fruit, or yogurt for afternoon snacks. I've also given up my 4-a-day diet Coke habit, in fact, I've only had two diet Cokes this year. I'm really enjoying the glass of wine with dinner and a couple of nights I've had a 50-calorie square of premium dark bittersweet chocolate with the last of my red wine. YUM!!!

Also, I'm sleeping better and seem to have more energy. Prior to Sonoma, I got sleepy by 9 pm, sometimes needing an afternoon nap. Now I'm able to stay awake later and haven't needed that nap since I started. Even my son noticed last week when he came over for dinner that I wasn't dropping off by 9.

I LOVE this!!! It really fits into my lifestyle, especially being able to enjoy whole wheat bread and rolls AND wine. AND, no counting points!!

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