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Originally Posted by [email protected]
They are for exercise not bodybuilding some people use them jogging.

Each and every issue of Weight Watchers Magazine I have bought has a weightlifting routine in it and gives the guidelines that beginners should use 1lb weights and 'advanced' lifters should use 5lb weights. I forget what they call the middle level.

It's silly. Even the utmost beginner to lifting any sort of weight can lift something heavier than 1lb.

I have seen them used for "power" walking. Which, again, strikes me as silly, given how many women I've seen walking around carrying huge purses.

We tend to underestimate ourselves, I think. Just in day-to-day living we deal with things heavier than a pound or two. Most of the cats I've had have weighed more than that. Heaven knows the books I carried around in high school did.

I have to question how much you're exercising yourself with something of a lighter weight than you deal with just living.

I didn't know Weight Watchers Magazine was a bodybuilder magazine have to check that out! I'm sure your right they don't know what they are talking about how could they.They are just silly.
You can question all you want I know how to start out weightlifting my brother has been a bodybuilder for 25 years.
I'm not saying 1lbers should be used for bodybuilding .I just think we shouldn't point fun at people that do use them.
And if you didn't know weightlifting and bodybuilding are not the same.
Sorry if I steped on any toes I'm sure your right about everything.

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