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This has been such a somber and devastating week. My heart goes out to all those who are affected by the disaster last week.

For me, it meant a delay in travelling. However, DH has been able to push back his schedule one week and we will be leaving late tomorrow evening, arriving in Qatar on Thursday morning. Their work week is from Sunday to Thursday, so it means we have a few days holiday before work begins. We are hoping to touch base with colleagues from our college who work in the United Arab Emirates. They have planned a company get together when we visit.

Our delay also allowed enough time to receive the mark that I got in the Stats exam that I wrote at the end of August. Woohoo! Yeehaw!, etc. I got 88%. I was soooo stunned because I didn't think that I did very well. I kept taking the paper out and looking at the mark all weekend. Finally DH and kids hid the paper because they were so tired of looking at me admiring it. Oh well, I still have one assignment to complete before my final grade, but hopefully I will get a final mark of around 92 or 93%. Then on to the next classes...

It has been an encouraging week in the weight loss department also. Last week was depressing with a 3.75 pound gain. This week shows a 5.75 pound loss - and today starts that time of month. It is certainly encouraging when I will be away from a scale for the next 4 weeks. I have Slim Fast bars packed and my diet organized to stay OP for vacation time. Hopefully, the next four weeks will show a loss in weight and not a gain.

I'm also cracking out the exercise stuff. I thought I should finally start an exercise program while I am away. I found my power walking tape (Kathie Smith) last night and plan to use that over the next month. When I get home, I will begin some strength exercises and hopefully show some significant loss in weight as well as an increase cardiovascular conditioning. There's the plan...fullfilling it is another story, but we'll see.

Everyone take care. I will try to check in while away, but if not, I talk to you all on Oct. 15. Bye for now.
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