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Hi guys,
It is sure hard to get into anything with all that happened in New York and Washington D.C isn't it? This is one of the most senseless tragedies think we have ever had. I keep going back to when my brother Rick was sensely murdered 2 years ago and wonder if it will ever stop. I feel so bad for those poor people, both the victims and the families and loved ones of all of them. We have just been watching lots and lots of news constantly hoping to see some good news once in a while in the form of somebody found alive and well. There have just been stories and stories both sad and happy, but mostly sad ones on TV. I tell you guys it just makes you feel so thankful for who we have in our lives and how lucky we are right now for everything we have. I am so proud to be an American right now that is for sure. I just can't believe the way we have come together at this time.

I am still trying to hang in there weightwise and keep on going toward where I want to be for for some reason my weight seems insignificant right now but I know that we are all doing what we can and I know there are so many people giving what they can give. Whether it be going there and helping in the search and rescue, giving blood, money or supplies so sorely needed right now. I plan to give what I can as well to help the effort.

I will come back and post again. Right now I just don't feel like it. Everyone be proud to be an American and keep the American spirit up.

Love ya, Sharon

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