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Hey look! Jo's here! She's at work! Yes, that's a good thing. Because as you may recall, Jo was supposed to be on jury duty today!

I called yesterday afternoon as instructed and found that my group had been excused. Actually, ALL jurors were excused. I guess it's probably because of what happened on Tuesday which is of course a terrible thing but I can't help being glad I didn't have to go. Won't my boss be surprised when he comes in today and sees me here.

Anyway, today is Rich's birthday. He didn't want anyone to know but I got in to work first and spilled the beans. So now no one is going to leave him alone all day. I think he secretly likes it. And I'm glad I'll be home this evening to give him his presents.

Not much planned for the weekend. Have to weigh in tomorrow morning of course and I've been pretty good this week. I've even walked at least a mile and a half every night this week! Last night I did a bit of celebrating (beers) at the VFW and pretty much blew my good record but I'm hoping for a good weigh-in anyway. I've even been avoiding the scale at home all week.

Yesterday afternoon, a woman from Scumball's mortgage company called me and asked if I was coming to sign the papers last night. She's the really rude one so I not-so-politely explained that I'd already signed all the papers in my lawyer's office on Monday and they were all supposed to be done and I was waiting for them to file all the forms and for Scumball to sign the papers he was supposed to sign and they better not be keeping me waiting just because they can't seem to get their acts together, etc. What morons they must hire!! Meanwhile, all sorts of legal papers regarding the divorce are supposed to be in the mail to me as we speak. My lawyer said he'd call only if there was a problem and I haven't heard from him so I guess no news is good news. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, guess I'd better get to work. I guarantee boss man is going to try to keep me here late tonight just like every Friday. He loves to wait until the last minute with EVERYTHING! But I have to admit that I'm happy to be here (instead of at the courthouse)!!

Judy, I'll be thinking of you all day today! {{{JUDY}}}

Much love to you all!
Wonder. Always.
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