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Angry Frustrated

I was SO excited for Christmas, my bf got some new runners, and he promised we'd start training for a 10km run I want to do in April. Well, Dec 18th I came down with a little cough, felt a little tired, and went to the doctor on the 22nd. He told me I likely had Bronchitis, and gave me cough syrup to help me sleep.. I was to return for testing on the 24th if it continued. While my cough is GONE as of January 3rd, my body *refuses* to get better. I've got all this great motivation, both outward and inward.. and no where to let it out! I am SO frustrated, and HATE being sick. Tomorrow I'll be tested for Pneumonia and Mono, which could mean more of this. Ugh.

This is also the reason I haven't been posting, I feel like a fraud, I am not dieting, nor exercising.. so why should I be able to provide anything to people who are!

Thanks for listening.. it helps to get it out, yah know?


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