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Good morning ,

Carol - it sounds like you've been thru a heck of a year. My thoughts & prayers are with your mom

Carol/Sherry - I'm with you gals in the I lost this before & have regained it cycle. Stress is a weightloss saboteur. I lost 65lbs (hit goal of 150 in July/03) & in 2004 way too much crap happened in my life (not all bad, just stressful) and since then I had regained 46 of it (and now relost 21 of it LOL). You can do this!!

Debbie, how did you find sticking to MEC? I've often thought of doing it as I've heard great of great success with it, but I can't stand eggs unless they're in things like mock danish, omelets with sweet cheese filling, etc .

Mel, Trina - good for you gals getting in your exercise!!

CJ - one bite...good for you! You're stronger than I would be. I think if I took one little bite of chocolate at the moment, I would scarf down that & anything else chocolate in the near vicinity in a matter of nanoseconds . I feel way better without all that sugar in my system too. I don't feel groggy all day anymore (I even used to nap everyday & I sometimes fell asleep while reading to my kids !!) I have way more energy now!

Kiki & Gonna - hope you are doing well!!

Yesterday I got in 120ozs water, stayed OP (18.5g carbs despite having 4 cups of joe), am almost in all of my 16's (one of my 16 jeans still doesn't fit) & exercised for 75 mins (4 different video's). And, this morning I am down another pound .

Hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!!

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