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Default Could use some help

I know I don't post in this area of the forum but I just feel like I never have anything to say. However now I could use a little help.

We're a mixed religion household, dh is Episcapllian and I am Wiccan. Primarily we have been raising the children to be open to all relgions so that when they are older they can decide what is right for them. So far it is going well but I'm having a little trouble with ds and I was trying to think of remedies for the situation.

About 11 months ago we bought my grandparents house. My ds' bedroom was my great uncle's room when he was alive. We've had no problems the entire time we have lived here but for the past week ds has been having nightmares every night. Last night he even woke up with a bloody nose, not sure if it was related to the nightmares or some other cause. And I swear last night I heard the door knob in his room jiggle on two different occasions. I thought maybe ds was having trouble with the door so I opened it and he was fast asleep on his bed. I'm wondering if maybe he is getting a visitor at night? It's coming up on my unlce's birthday so it could explain why things have been quiet until now. I barely remember my uncle since he died when I was 10 but from talking with my mother I know he was not a nice guy. When she came to visit in May that room was being used as a guest room and she flat out refused to sleep in there.

So anyways am I just being nuts and he's having normal childhood nightmares or is he most likely having a visitor? Any helpful hints on ridding him of his nightmares?

I checked out Pagan Parenting and they had two chants that I plan on having him try tomorrow night. I do have a protection spell but I'm not sure if it would work with nightmares.

Any helpful suggestions would be appreicated or you could tell me I'm completely nuts and it's just nightmares. Either way I'd appreciate some input.
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