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Thumbs up A book recommendation...

A great book that includes a chapter on kitchens (or as it says, "Stove and Spoon", is The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington. It was published in 2000 by Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 0-87542-124-5, and costs $9.95. (It is also on Amazon new and used, and if you get lucky, a library may have a copy too.)

A good friend of mine is no longer interested in Wicca, and I noticed she had this book on her to-give-away pile when I visited, and I asked immediately if I could have it

I read Scott Cunningham a long time ago, must've been over a decade ago, when I was first looking into paganism... and I really like his writing style. He's got other books (50+!) and a few deal more directly with food and cooking, and the powers of certain ingredients, herbs...

In regards to this book, the descriptions are just so... homey! And the pen-and-ink drawings are great.

Here is a sampling:

"Cooking is a magical process of transformation that utilizes the four elements: Earth (the food itself, which sprang from our planet), Fire (the source of heat-flame, solar, electric), Water (the liquid used to prepare or cook the food), and Air (the steam that rises from the heated substance). Through the use of the elements, the cook prepares magically nourishing meals...

When kitchens came into being, they were rarely idle. Soup-bubbling cauldrons hung over oak-scented fires in huge open-hearth fireplaces. Baskets overflowed with fruits, vegetables and scrubbed roots. Jars of herbs, flours, nuts, oils, honey and vinegar lined the shelves, awaiting future needs, and the air was heavy with the delicious scents of meals to come."

Makes me want to cook all day!

Looking through this chapter, there are many little tips and spells to use... and magical history of common tools which I never knew!

Like... "Some kitchen spells are designed to prevent hunger in the home. One involves filling a small jar with alfalfa and depositing it in the food cupboard. As long as it remains there, the family will never know hunger."

Now that I've pulled this off my shelf, I'm going to spend some more time with it!
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