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We will never forget this day. My prayers are with all of you in the U.S. and hope that all of your family and friends are safe.

It has been such a shocking day for us. Our son-in-law was in New York this morning. He is a pilot with Air Canada. Very fortunately, they took off at around 8 am this morning, but they were instructed to put down at Minneapolis airport, so are there at the moment, but are safe.

It was pretty scary here, waiting to get word from his airline as to where his plane was. Our daughter is 6 months pregnant and was so upset this morning when the disaster happened. Ken is still on holidays, so we both went over and spent the better part of the day with her and Cambree. Later in the day, her husband finally was able to get through to let her know he was okay, but won't be home for awhile till it is safe for them to fly.

Ironically enough, Steve, our son-in-law, toured the Trade Center yesterday morning. Thank God it was not today.

I just wanted you all to know that I am here. Back from our holidays on the Oregon Coast. We got back late Sunday evening. We were going to stay a couple of extra days, but decided to come home Sunday. Another blessing. It is nearly impossible to get across the border at the moment. Even though we live only a couple of blocks from the U.S border, I guess we would have had to look at our house from the U.S side, for awhile anyways.

It looks very much like the safety and freedom we have taken for granted will now be a thing of the past.

My prayers to all of you and your families. I'll post soon. Love, G
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