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Shennie - Yes I was planning on trying it on my own for a few weeks and see if I can do it succesfully. I am pretty good a staying on track and being accountable.

They are offering me two different plans - the one they call Success Plus which has the 52 week maintanance plan and offers the money back (1/2) while in maintenance. OR you can choose just the Success plan which offers the same in weight loss weeks, stabilzation(6) and then only 34 weeks of maint, but offers no money back for goal weight success. Right now they are offering $5/week for weight loss - maint and that really doesn't hit too hard - it is the extra 150 they suck out of you for the paperwork processing and blood work. Then of course they add the Lites in there too - but I think you guys have given me a great way to sub for the bars with the Lunas..... I think I will be able to do this on my own. I have a friend that is going to get me some information regarding the different color plans. Hopefully I can hang out with you chicks and have some success.....
Thanks again for all your wonderful replies - They are greatly appreciated!! Hope to join you ladies soon over on the monthly thread!!

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