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I have a suggestion! First, read their adds and be certain that you know what the advertised price is and what the extended price should be for the number of weeks you will be joining. Make sure they match up.

Now, decide on a fair price. Maybe cut the number of maintenance in half. Whatever you feel is right. Then call the manager. Be insistant that you need a manager only. Tell the manager you are on a budget and tell them what the budget is for weight loss. Explain that you really want to do the plan but it has to fit your budget. Everything is negotiable!!!!

Also, I am not a member but have been considering it. In my research I have read many people do the first couple of take off days only to return and be told that they need to buy something more in order to get that "guarantee" they talk about. So, be sure you read all the paperwork and get it in writing that you will not need to buy anything further and the guarantee will apply.

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