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shennie - Yes, that covers 6 weeks of stab and 34 of maint - you just don't have the option of getting the money back - that is all.

mnpeach00 - Yes, I feel the same about WW - I know it will work, I just have too much room to eat junk. From what I've learned so far - the LAWL program seems to be structured similar to the CORE program??

So, if I wanted to start take-off tomorrow by buying some of the knudson juice - what else does the 2day process consist of? Can you give me that info? From what I've gathered so far it is mainly protein and veggies - 64 oz of water and the jucie 4 x a day?

I'm going to discuss the $$ with the DH tonight and see what he thinks. Overall, I think it is reasonable except for the cost of the Lites and the 150 personal enhancement package - which is like the startup cost....

Thanks for all your advice - you ladies are wonderful.
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