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Talking Friday Chat - December 23rd

Good Morning and Happy Friday !!

Two more days ***GIGGLE*** until Christmas

Whats everyone doing today? I have to run DD to school and remember to bring stuff for her christmas party that they are having today. Then meet DH for breakfast at friendly's yummmmm !!!

I bought a new christmas tree yesterday, its a skinny tall one and its so pretty. The one we have originally is HUGE !!!!!!!!!! and it takes up alot of room not to mention it takes me a day to put the lights on it. uhhhh. Our new tree is PRELIT !!! can you say OHHH YEAH !!! and its just lovely. Get this, a few years ago we bought the monsterous tree and it cost us $600.00 on sale...yeah I know !!! This one is 7.5 feet tall, skinny, prelit and cost $100.00 go figure.

Well kids I gotta run... TTYL !!

Love Yah !!

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Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
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