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Well I bought it last year and did it for a month and found that I couldn't do it. It wasn't the fact it was little food, It was actually plenty of food (more than I normally ate) but I was very overweight at the time and borderline diabetic and despite their tips of altering things for the diet for high/low blood sugar I still had some issues. I had shakey spells and light headed episodes. Now I DID find the reading material to be very informative and the cooking prep and everything and how it all works. I never grew up in an environment that ate well or even had the home cooked meals so cooking for myself i was clueless unless it was mac and cheese and a trip to Mcy D's. Like everything else, I have taken the goods and the bads from this and learned and even have still used some of the items out of this paticular set. Live and learn and mash it together to get teh perfect diet. LOL
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