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Carly how are you doing? I did pretty well yesterday. DH got home by 1:30pm so we did some running around together. We tried to get his passport, but we could not get the picture done before the passport office closed. Too many picture Christmas cards. Food wise yesterday was not too bad. Idid find a bakery right around the corner that has the best baklava I have ever had! I think I am going to get some to bring to the family party. All in all I had about 1350cal yesterday. Not too bad,but not really good either. I did drink 96 oz of water, I think that has been helping so much. I only got a little exercise in, about 20-25 mins. All my Christmas running around is done all I have left to do is wrap 2more gifts. YAY

Chris~Don't worry too much about what you did yesterday. Start anew today and you will feel better. I hope you got all your shopping done!

I have to go to work today Have to run see you alll later
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