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Morning flowers. It is chilly this morning but is supposed to start warming up today.

What a nightmare at the dr office yesterday! After getting a call to come into the dr asap (they had a cancellation) we rushed over then sat for 3.5 hours! We were the last patient in the whole practice and it is a big one! Jack was beyond pissed off. We sat in the waiting room for a hour and a half (it was FULL of mostly babies and prego women which in my mind was a BAD sign) then they took us back and took his vitals, said there wasn't an open room and stuck us outside the lab to sit and wait for another hour and a half. Jack finally threw a mini fit and they went and did his xray or the tech would have been gone and it would have all been for nothing. It was anyway as the doctor told him to get a cup for his heel in his shoe and if it doesn't improve in 2 weeks come back! We paid to hear something we already knew! Total waste of time. We went to Walgreens and replaced the thingy we had in his shoe with something else to see if it will help and bought an extra to put in his work shoe so we shall see. I am going to start him on some physical therapy with a ball this afternoon when he gets home as Jean suggested will relieve the inflammation of the heel spur. I hate the practice we are attached to anyway because they take a lot of Medicaid and Medicare patients and so the practice if full up all the time and you can't get in. My poor husband had to wait a week and a half to get in and do what we did! One of the things I hate most about sitting there is seeing all the teenage girls pregnant or with babies. There were a pair of them, not over 15 with a new baby and one about 5 months old and they sat there and let them cry while they talked on the darn phone (which you aren't supposed to have on in the dr office anyway but no one will enforce it!) I was getting ready to blow my top about the babies (Jack kept telling me to calm down and ignore it) The one baby was big enough to crawl and had crawled out of the waiting room into the entrance where the outside door was!!!!! I told Jack I was giving her ONE minute then I was going to blow! About that time, they called him back. It was sickening you guys to see all those children having children. The problem with changing to another practice is with Jack. He would have to go through another complete physical somewhere else all the blood tests and everything to start his referrals to his cardiologist. The cardiologist called yesterday and are putting him on another drug because his HDL is like 29 and his LDL is 79 or something like that. They are worried about the HDL and are going to try this drug on him for 90 days I guess! {{{{{SIGH}}}}}

Ok, my candy cane cookies mini flopped. Only because they look too fat to me and I tried rolling the dough thinner and the "tubes" break that way. So, I decided to make regular ole Christmas cookies on Thursday using the same recipe, which is very tasty. It uses a package of the store bought sugar cookie mix, butter, egg, and cream cheese and they taste marvelous just look huge! The expensive color I bought did a good job on the red dough though!

I guess I should get going and get bathrooms cleaned as for some reason they don't clean themselves!

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