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Good Afternoon, Cuties! We were on the road by 7:15 this morning and most of the people at the mall were senior citizen mall walkers. The stores opened early and by the time we were done, it was getting pretty busy. The older I get, the less I enjoy shopping unless I know what I am going after. Today I had a list so it went pretty fast. We were home by 2 this afternoon. Now to finish wrapping all this stuff and hope I didn't forget anyone. We did buy some new luggage so can cross that off my 'to do' list for February.

'Gma' -- I don't get out of school until Wed., regular time at 3:27. We are having final exams all three days so it's not like the kids have to sit through classes. They were just nutty on Friday. If they have all of their assignments completed and owe no fines nor detention time, they only have to be in school when they have a final exam scheduled. It's a much more relaxed atmosphere although the first day is a bit hyper with the "non-believers" sitting in the restricted study hall trying to get their work done. I bought a fudge mix at WM a while back; it had everything in the box except the butter and it wasn't too bad. Do you have to use a candy thermometer for your recipe? My mom used to make good fudge but I think my cooking skills are falling apart! Nothing tastes as good as it used to nor does it turn out like it used to.

My house needs to be picked up and vacuumed. The sun is shining so the dust and fur really show up on the 'wonderful wood' floor. I can hardly wait to go back to carpet!

Have a nice 'rest of the day' and a super Sunday tomorrow. We are working Santa's Castle in the afternoon and Bob sings at church in the morning, so the day will be gone before we know it.

Jean -- in Iowa!
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