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Hi Boarderchick and and Maintainers! Congratulations on the 120 pounds - sounds like you and I are a lot alike! You bet that you're a maintainer, even though you'd like to lose another ten pounds (wouldn't we all? ) What really counts is keeping off those 120 pounds and if ten more pounds happen, great, but that's not really what's most important.

Here in Maintainers, we talk a lot about how we're different - how we HAVE to be different - and how it doesn't matter at all what anyone else thinks of what we do. We know what we need to do to keep the weight off for life and so we just ignore the misguided souls who so love to tell us that what we're doing is 'wrong' or (my favorite) 'obsessed'.

Please join in whenever you can or feel free to start a topic - we've got an amazing group here and always have lively and insightful discussions.
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