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you wrote:

yes, i do agree that lipstic, shapeware and other female type items do not realy interest me, but they have to be done for the guys as they are looking for that stuff,

Not all guys are looking for "that stuff". My husband certainly wasn't. If you don't want to do that, and it isn't "you", don't do it. Be true to yourself. If you try to make yourself something you are not, it won't make you more attractive, it will just make you unhappy - and that's not attractive to anyone. You don't have to make everyone like you - just one person, and you want that person to like the real you.

Along that line, if you don't feel attractive, you won't be attractive. So make the best of yourself, work towards how you want to be, and the rest will follow. It will likely take some patience, but time & effort will do the trick. As you see results, you will begin to feel more positive, and that will be very appealing.

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