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Well, my issue not lack of set up dates by my relatives. They did try. All of them went vey badly so I've asked them to not do it w/o first checking with me. I know a lot of people and twice I met someone I already knew many years back. It was akward, embarassing and I wish it would never happend.
My second problem is that I do primarily spend my time in russian community and would just a tad prefer someone russian speaking... I don't want to lose the cultural jokes, literature and unfotunately I left to young enough to sort of miss big chunks. Yet with americans I do not fit well, for the same reason as I came late enough to miss some basic things, so my knowledge of slang, humor, tv, phrases, popular quotes is somewhat limited and to an average american I come accross as narrow minded and strange.
On top of it, russian men DO want thin wifes. It is strange for them to see me over 70kg girl who is not at the gym loosing weight 24/7. Most women in russia care A VERY great deal about they clothing (a lot more then here) and about how they look. Life is different there, people marry each other in early twenties. That's a second reason that many of them are married by now, and the ones that are not are either jerks, or have issue, or previously married. The last category is the tricky one, either he divorced her because on top of everything else she became undesirable OR she was relly a pain OR he was a pain and should could care less for him. It takes time to figure out this stuff...yet many of them won't even look my way more then just friendly hi, as I am also one of those undesirable to have. Seriously w/o hate they could not grasp what in the world could have made me swallow another good sized adult and be twice the size....They are not jerks, they are smart, and just cannot understand how someone like me, otherwise likable, smart, fun, with very good english could be so undiciplinned, lazy, and unwilling to do anything about it.
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