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Talking Steel Magnolias -- #47

Good Evening, Flowers! It has been another snowy windy day; snow has been happening all day in various sizes and shapes. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere tonight.

'Gma' -- I save gift bags and boxes from year to year too. I don't put any ribbons on anything because 'Mom' likes to eat them. I do think I will put some curly ribbons on Maddy and Ian's packages because they had such a good time with the curly ribbons at Ian's birthday. (Leonard and 'Mom' spend the day shut in the basement!) Tell Jack to take a tennis ball or a golf ball and roll his heel over it . . . the more pressure he can stand, the better. The other thing is to hang his heels over the edge of a step. I ended up going to physical therapy when I had a heel spur and it felt so good. I was mad at myself that I waited so long to go. The mouthy kid, from yesterday, got 3 days of in-school suspension. He spends alot of time in there anyway so I doubt that it will deter any future behavior. He has a really sour disposition and I wish he would just go back to wherever he came from and stay there. We had a silver tree when I was a kid and I had it in my Kdg. room when I first taught school. Over the years and many moves, Bob finally convinced me to get rid of it and now I wish I had it back. I prefer to put the Christmas tree in front of the picture window but our livingroom isn't that large and it screws up the furniture arrangement for having extra people sitting around to open gifts.

Not much newsy going on in my corner of the world but I wanted to check in and see who was doing what. Hope you all have a relaxing evening and a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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