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Default Once again . . .

As usual, I can relate to what you ladies are saying! I am 28 and have NEVER had a serious boyfriend, even when I was thin. I sometimes also wonder will I ever get married or even have a boyfriend. Doesn't help having Mom making those oh-so-perceptive-and-meant-to-be-helpful comments! Just keep this in mind: I have beautiful, smart, successful, classy, THIN friends who are in the same boat. It really is a matter of the right person not having come along yet; I HAVE to believe this!

Losing the weight is great, though, isn't it, because it gives us such a confidence boost. Don't forget to treat yourself right, too: buy some cute, well-fitting clothes, get your nails done, buy a new lipstick, etc. Keep your chin up, hon! Mr. Right is out there and you deserve him!

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