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What you're feeling is perfectly normal, hon. Don't be ashamed to say it.
Casey and Morticia are right, though. Enjoy your own company, learn to really love yourself for who you are, and the right one will probably land right on your doorstep.
Just the fact that you HAVE male friends, and that you're comfortable around males is huge. There are so many women who are "silly" around men because they don't feel comfortable with them. I'll bet there are a lot of other single women who envy you your friendships with those men.
One other thing... enjoy your alone time now, because you may be missing it one day. I'm blessed with a wonderful husband and two precious children, and while I wouldn't give them up for the world, I miss my alone time VERY much. So just think... there are women out there looking at you with envy in their eyes.
Hang in there, girl... you're going to be alright...
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