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Default Deep Water Running

Hi Stacey and Jen! there are 2 kinds of Pool exercise classes up here in Canada (I am guessing same as states?)

Aquasize, where you can touch the bottom of the pool and you basically do areobics in the water.

Deep water running is in 5 meters of water (in the tank), so you can't touch the bottom. You use floating devices to keep afloat in an upright position and do "running" type activities in the water. Its more difficult than aquacize. Its good if you are pregnant as well.

BUT I think I'll end up at the gym running today since mom wants to meet for coffee and the gym I belong to is right by her house....

OH well!!!

Hey, where is everyone today??

UGH - I ate a donut with my sandwich in a meeting today - 6 points!!! That means I'll have a teeny dinner...oh well!!

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