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Originally Posted by Psychego
:I have now lost a total of 82 pounds, with 25 more to go.
First off... WOW! Congrats on losing the 82 pounds. That's VERY GOOD.

Second, other people here have givin you great advice.

Depression is a VERY common side-effect of weight loss. We try to talk ourselves out of it, because it is annoying and usually quite slow. I know. I went from 210 pounds to 174 and then I let myself go back to my normal eating habits. I am currently up to 195 - 200 pounds again!

I allowed these thoughts to get to me and destroy what I had worked so hard to do. I have since learned several tricks to banish negative thoughts.

One very simple one is... When you are having these thoughts, call a friend or family member and just talk to them about their day, and what's new in both of your lives. Try to make sure that they are somewhat positive people though. By the time you are done with the conversation, those thoughts should have gone away.

I also like the idea that was mentioned about writing down positive statements and putting them on your mirror That works!

The trick is to distract your mind.

Hang in there and you will notice that these thoughts slowly get less and less.

P.S. Hello all! I'm new here and just wanted to add my thoughts.
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