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Hey Everyone,

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday! I can't wait for the weekend. My and my boyfriend are going down the shore and it is so relaxing there. Only thing is is that it is a food lovers haven down there. Funnel cones, waffle cones, cheese steaks, pizza, fudge....everything I love. I am going to try and control myself as best as possible. Instead of eating when we get down there Friday night I am going to make dinner at home and then try and not get out of control on Saturday and Sunday.

I went to the gym last night again and I once again packed my bag for tonight, so I am all set. Now if I can continue going next week that will be an accomplishment.

Well I better get back to work. Hope everyone is well. Kim how was your drive?? Are you moving to Vermont?? Vermont is the most beautiful state.

Hello to all!


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